Exploring Mars

This web site provides access to a variety of educational products about Mars that have been developed at the Lunar and Planetary Institute. These include classroom activities, image collections and slide sets, descriptive text, and references for further study. All documents included in this web site are written at a general level.

Anatomy of a Martian Meteorite PosterNew! Anatomy of A Martian Meteorite Poster and Information Packet
Meteorites from Mars! Explore what they are made of, where scientists hunt for them, and what we learn from them.

Exploring Mars Educational BriefExploring Mars Educational Brief   Updated January 2002
This introductory essay describes the history of robotic and telescopic study of Mars and the current status of our scientific understanding of Mars. This document is also available in PDF format.

Basic Mars FactsBasic Mars Facts
A concise summary of basic information about Mars.

Image CenterImage Center
Our image collection, based on several LPI slide sets, illustrates many facets of Mars, including its volcanos, channels, canyons, and polar caps. We also feature several three-dimensional stereo images.

Classroom Activities Classroom Activities
A collection of activities exploring the geology of Mars. These are designed to be useful in school settings.

Meteorites from MarsMeteorites from Mars
Several meteorites discovered on Earth are believed to be from Mars. One of these meteorites has been proposed to contain evidence for ancient life on Mars.

Resources for Further StudyResources for Further Study
Books and web sites for additional study of Mars.