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Family-Friendly Virtual Program Featuring Mars

July 29, 2020

Family-Friendly Virtual Program Featuring Mars

The Lunar and Planetary Institute is pleased to present this free, 30-minute virtual program for families and children. We will connect participants with a scientist and conduct a virtual demonstration, all from home.

Dr. Candice Bedford will discuss the geology of Mars and how it compares with rocks on Earth. Participants will play a virtual Mars Match game, comparing Mars and Earth images and earning points.

Dr. Bedford is a Mars Scientist who studies sedimentary and volcanic processes that provide insight into the ancient and modern geology of the Red Planet. She is a collaborator on the Mars Curiosity Rover’s CheMin and ChemCam instruments, and a member of the SAND-E Mars analog mission science team.

Mars Exploration: What can the Red Planet tell us about our own?
July 30, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. CDT


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