Announcing New Planetary Science Nuggets Website

October 9, 2015

Planetary Science Nuggets

A new website has been created that contains the collection of NASA SMD Planetary Science Nuggets for 2015 and 2014:

Planetary Science Nuggets are PowerPoint slides that have been provided to NASA’s SMD Planetary Science Division by members of the scientific community to highlight important science results or mission activities. A subset of these submissions are selected by the Planetary Science Division to be presented to SMD leadership and potentially NASA leadership, OSTP, and the White House. The collection on this website represents those selected nuggets and will be updated as new nuggets are accepted.

The website also includes a Powerpoint Presentation by Jim Green on how to prepare nuggets:

Anyone in the planetary science community is encouraged to submit nuggets. The nugget coordinator at JPL is Lindsay Hays ([email protected]); mission nuggets should be communicated through the mission program scientist; and R&A science nuggets should be communicated through the Headquarters program scientist who funded the work.


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Last updated October 9, 2015