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LPI’s Walter Kiefer on NASA’s Gravity Assist Podcast on Moonquakes

October 25, 2019

 2018 LPI interns

NASA’s Jim Green, left, with planetary scientist Walter Kiefer

LPI senior staff scientist, planetary geophysicist Dr. Walter Kiefer recently made an appearance on NASA’s Gravity Assist podcast, to speak about his work with lunar seismology and the exciting and surprising results of the GRAIL mission. The GRAIL mission (Gravity Recovery And Interior Laboratory), explored the structure of the Moon from 2011–2012, and flew twin spacecraft —Ebb and Flow —in tandem around the Moon to map variations in the lunar gravitational field. The probes generated the highest resolution gravity map of any celestial body to date.

For the full transcript of the podcast, please visit:

For more info on the GRAIL mission, please visit:


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