Shaner Receives 2022 Ronald Greeley Award for Distinguished Service

September 12, 2022

USRA’s Andrew Shaner

USRA’s Andrew Shaner at the Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) is the recipient of the 2022 Ronald Greeley Award for Distinguished Service awarded by The Geological Society of America (GSA) Planetary Geology Division (PGD).

“We are delighted that Andrew Shaner is being recognized by the GSA for his extensive work engaging audiences in planetary science and research!” said Christine Shupla, Manager of Science Engagement at the LPI. “Andy has played a key role in LPI’s programs for over 13 years, from enabling students to conduct original research to organizing high-quality public lectures, professional development trainings, and public events.”

Shaner was selected for this award for his years of dedicated service to the planetary community and engagement of the younger generation in the planetary sciences. Programs led by Shaner have served high school, undergraduate, and graduate students across the country. These programs envelop younger students in the processes of scientific research and have provided mentoring and networking experiences — especially within the realm of planetary geology.

Shaner leads the highly successful Exploration of the Moon and Asteroids by Secondary Students (ExMASS) research program for high school students that immerses participants in the process of lunar and asteroid science. Since 2010, 600 students from 30 states have participated in the ExMASS program and produced 41 student poster presentations given during NASA’s Exploration Science Forum (ESF). Of these, 11 have received awards or honorable mentions in the ESF Student Poster Competition held each year. Some of these students have gone on to graduate school within the planetary sciences as a result of having had this experience. Lastly, Shaner is the principal investigator for Planetary Resources and Content Heroes (ReaCH) funded by NASA’s Science Activation program, which provides scientists with actionable strategies to engage diverse audiences about the importance of planetary science and exploration.

The award is named for Ronald Greeley, one of the founders of planetary science. The award is given to those “who have rendered exceptional service to the PGD for a multi-year period.”

Presentation of the Ronald Greeley Award is made during the annual business meeting of the Division held in association with the Annual Meeting of the Society to be held on October 9–12, 2022, in Denver, CO.

USRA congratulates Andrew Shaner on receiving this award!

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