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Celebrate Earth Science WeekAGI Sponsors Earth Science Week

October 5, 2006

Be a Citizen Scientist!” is the theme for this year’s Earth Science Week, October 8–14, sponsored by the American Geological Institute (AGI).

Since 1998, AGI has organized this event in an effort to engage students and the public in conducting authentic “citizen science” research and to help spread science literacy. During Earth Science Week scientists, educators, local organizations, and interested individuals organize community activities to discover the Earth sciences and promote responsible stewardship of our planet.

What does it mean to be a citizen scientist?  It means getting involved; real people collecting data, observing, and testing. You don’t have to have a Ph.D. or even a formal education in Earth sciences to be a citizen scientist, only an interest and desire to learn.

To learn more about how you and others can become scientifically literate citizens and get involved, or for information about events in your area, visit the Earth Science Week website.

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