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USGS Releases Clementine NIR Full-Resolution Lunar Mosaic

May 3, 2007
Source:  U.S. Geological Survey

Image of Lunar MosiacThe Astrogeology Program of the U.S. Geological Survey is pleased to announce the availability of a full-resolution version of the Clementine near-infrared (NIR) lunar mosaic. Processed to 100 m/pixel spatial resolution, a PDS-compliant image cube version (with detached ISIS labels) of this 6-band (1100 to 2780 nm) multispectral mosaic can be downloaded via FTP on the USGS Astrogeology Research Program web site.  This Preliminary Release (V. 0.1) of the full-resolution mosaic marks the beginning of the review process by PDS peer reviewers. Users of these data should keep in mind that this version remains subject to revision pending the outcome of this review process.

Website:  Clementine Near-Infrared Global Multispectral Lunar Map

These full-resolution data are compatible with the previous PDS Clementine UVVIS 'Full Resolution Digital Image Model' available through PDS Map-a-Planet and the PDS Planetary Image Atlas.  Once finalized, these multispectral data will also be available through these Websites.

Gaddis, Lisa, Chris Isbell, Matt Staid, Eric Eliason, Ella Mae Lee, Lynn Weller, Tracie Sucharski, Paul Lucey, Dave Blewett, John Hinrichs, and Donovan Steutel, 2007, The Clementine NIR Global Lunar Mosaic, PDS Volumes USA_NASA_PDS_CL_5001 through 5078, produced by the U.S. Geological Survey and distributed online and on DVD media by the Planetary Data System.


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