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2006 Dwornik Awardee Joins LPI Postdoctoral Research Program

November 6, 2006

Dr. Justin Filiberto

Dr. Justin Filiberto

LPI Postdoctoral Fellow Justin Filiberto has won the Stephen E. Dwornik award for his poster entitled, "Are Terrestrial Ferropicrites Analogues of Martian Rocks?"

The Dwornik Award was started in 1991 with a generous endowment by Dr. Stephen E. Dwornik, who wished to encourage American students to become involved with NASA and planetary science. The awards are given for the best student research presentations at the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, and are administered through the Planetary Geology Division of the Geological Society of America (GSA).

Dr. Filiberto received his degree in geology from Stony Brook University for work on the chemistry of martian magmas. He is currently working with Dr. Allan Treiman at the Lunar and Planetary Institute, focusing on terrestrial and martian experimental petrology. The primary goal is to utilize polybaric experiments in a piston-cylinder apparatus, to study the effects of the volatiles F, Cl, and Br on the degassing behavior of martian compositions in an effort to connect magmatic degassing with the acid-fog model of the martian atmosphere.

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