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NASA, 13 Space Agencies Release Exploration Strategy Framework

June 7, 2007
Source:  NASA

Artist's concept of astronauts on the Moon - Credit: NASANASA and 13 space agencies from around the world are releasing the latest product of their Global Exploration Strategy discussions. The document, “The Global Exploration Strategy:  The Framework for Coordination,” reflects a shared vision of space exploration focused on solar system destinations where humans may someday live and work.

The framework document allows for the establishment of a voluntary, nonbinding mechanism by which space agencies can exchange information on their respective space exploration plans. This coordination mechanism will play a key role in helping to identify gaps, overlaps, and synergies in the space exploration plans of participating agencies.

The framework document is an important step in an evolving process toward a comprehensive global approach to space exploration. Although the document is nonbinding, its contents are consistent with ongoing bilateral and multilateral discussions that NASA intends to lead to cooperative agreements for specific projects. In addition to NASA, representatives from agencies in Australia, Canada, China, the European Space Agency, France, Germany, Great Britain, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, the Republic of Korea, and Ukraine participated in the Global Exploration Strategy discussions. Many participants met last week in Spineto, Italy, to discuss the development of the coordination mechanism and other issues.

The framework document is available at:

To learn more about NASA’s future space exploration plans, visit:

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