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LPI Announces Planetary Science Interns

March 15, 2011

The Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) is pleased to announce the arrival of the 2011 class of the LPI Summer Intern Program in Planetary Science. The LPI’s highly competitive intern program offers undergraduates the opportunity to experience cutting-edge research in lunar and planetary science, working one-on-one with scientists at the LPI and the NASA Johnson Space Center on a project of current interest in planetary science. This year’s program will run from June 6 through August 12. The students below were selected from an applicant pool of more than 250 students, and we welcome them to the Institute as they begin what promises to be a very rewarding summer!

For more information about the program, visit the summer intern webpage.

Student:  Rachel Barnett, University of New Mexico
Advisors:  John Jones and Dave Draper (JSC)
Project:  Parental Liquid Composition of the Martian Meteorite NWS6162 Shergottite
Student: Kelly Nickodem, University of
Notre Dame

Advisors:  Kevin Righter, Lisa Danielson and Cin-Ty Lee (JSC)
Project:  Core-Mantle Partitioning of Volatile Elements and the Origin of Volatiles in the Earth

Student:  Kevin Michael Cannon, Queen’s University
Advisor:  Brad Sutter (JSC)
Project:  Sample Analysis on Mars (SAM) Instrument Data Base Development: Evaluating Evolved Gas Release Interactions from the Thermal Decomposition of Volatile Bearing Mineral Mixtures
Student:  Spenser Pantone,
Weber State University

Advisor:  Paul Spudis (LPI)
Project:  The Mini-RF Experiment on the LRO Mission:  Fully Polarimetric SAR Images of the Moon

Student: Mattias Pär Karl Ek, University of Gothenburg
Advisor: David Mittlefehldt (JSC)
Project: Investigation of Orthopyroxene Compositions in Diogenites
Student:  Kathryn Elizabeth Powell,
Rice University
Advisor:  Pat McGovern (LPI)
Project:  Basin-Ringing Olivines on the Moon: What Are They and How Did They Get There?

Student:  Julia Gorman, University of Rochester
Advisors:  Julianne Gross and Allan Treiman (LPI)
Project:  Discovery of Spinel Rich Rocks (Mg,Fe)Al2O4 on the Moon, Detected by the M3 Near-IR Mapping Spectrometer on the Chandrayaan-1 Spacecraft
Student:  Lee Saper, Brown University
Advisors:  Carlton Allen and Dorothy Oehler (JSC)
Project: Landing Sites for Future Mars Missions

Student:  Samantha Jacob, University of Hawaii
at Manoa

Advisors:  Celestine Mercer and Allan Treiman (LPI)
Project:  Varying Degrees of Vesicularity in Agglutinates from Lunar Meteorites
Student:  Lillian Schaffer, University of Houston
Advisor:  David Kring (LPI)
Project:  Basin-Epoch Impact Melts from the Moon

Student:  Erica Ruth Jawin, Mt. Holyoke College
Advisor: Walter Kiefer (LPI)
Project:  The Relationship Between Radar Scattering and Surface Roughness at Lunar Volcanic Domes
Student:  Yifan Wang, Imperial College London
Advisor:  John Shebalin (JSC)
Project:  Modeling Spontaneous Magnetic Field Generation in Planetary Cores


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