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LPI Announces Planetary Science Summer Interns

March 11, 2013

LPI internThe Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI) is pleased to announce the arrival of the 2013 class of the LPI Summer Intern Program in Planetary Science. The LPI’s highly competitive intern program offers undergraduates the opportunity to experience cutting-edge research in lunar and planetary science, working one-on-one with scientists at the LPI and the NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC) on a project of current interest in planetary science. This year’s program will run from June 3 through August 9. The students below were selected from an applicant pool of more than 400 students, and we welcome them to the LPI as they begin what promises to be a very rewarding summer!

For more information about the program, visit the summer intern webpage.

Student:  Caitlin Marie Altomare, Lafayette College
Advisor:  David Kring (LPI)
Student:  Christopher Michael Hoff, University of Massachusetts Amherst
Advisor:  John Jones (JSC)

Student:  Michael Conner Bouchard, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Advisors:  Lee Graham and David Melendrez (JSC)
Student:  Eva Fattah Lalor, Temple University
Advisor:  Virgil (Buck) Sharpton (LPI)

Student:  Andrea Maxine Bruck, Illinois State University
Advisor:  Brad Sutter (JSC)
Student:  Dayl Joseph Paul Martin, University of Manchester (UK)
Advisor:  Paul Spudis (LPI)

Student:  Laura Michelle Dorley, University of Hawaii
Advisors:  Patrick McGovern and Georgiana Kramer (LPI)
Student:  Mouna Petitjean, Université Paris-Sud (France)
Advisor:  Stephen Clifford (LPI)

Student:  Angela Maree Dapremont, College of Charleston
Advisor:  Carlton Allen (JSC)
Student:  Alastair William Tait, Monash University (Australia)
Advisor:  Justin Simon (JSC)

Student:  Wanda Feng, Smith College
Advisors:  Cindy Evans, John Gruener, and Dean Eppler (JSC)
Student:  Atsushi Takenouchi, The University of Tokyo (Japan)
Advisors:  Michael Zolensky and David Frank (JSC)

Student:  Anthony Michael Frushour, Appalachian State University
Advisors:  Sarah Noble, Lindsay Keller, and Roy Christoffersen (JSC)
Student:  Kelsey Williams, Brown University
Advisors:  Allan Treiman and Yann Sonzogni (LPI)


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