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Workshop Announcement
Enabling Exploration: The Lunar Outpost and Beyond

LEAG logoSeptember 27, 2007
Source: Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG)

This five-day workshop, sponsored by the Lunar and Planetary Institute, NASA, and the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group, will bring together academic, governmental, and private sector interests to discuss progress in lunar exploration, share ideas and information, and form collaborations. It will be an opportunity to integrate diverse interests in lunar exploration to reduce risk and cost of establishing a permanent presence on the Moon through novel and innovative ideas, technologies, and partnerships.  The primary objective of the workshop is to define pathways to offset the costs and risks of achieving the next era of space exploration. The results of the meeting, especially the panel discussions, will identify exploration enablers (technology, ideas, partnerships, etc.) that will be presented in a report to NASA and the broader community.

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