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Abstract Deadline for 38th LPSC Approaches

2007 LPSC logoJanuary 8, 2007

The deadline for abstract submissions for the 38th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference is Tuesday, January 9, 2007, at 5:00 CST. The Lunar and Planetary Institute is expecting to receive over 1500 submissions, the majority of which will be submitted in the final eight hours preceding the deadline. “It makes for an exciting and busy day at the Institute,” says Mary Cloud, manager in charge of overseeing the planning and implementation of the annual science conference. “The entire Institute pitches in to ensure that everything goes smoothly and all those wishing to make submissions do so before the 5:00 deadline.”

The LPI has been hosting the conference since its inception in 1971. Initially, the conference was conceived as an arena for the exchange and dissemination of science resulting from the analysis of the lunar samples that were returning to Earth during the Apollo missions. The meeting has grown from a small meeting to an international conference attracting more than 1600 participants annually and covering all aspects of planetary science.  Special sessions this year will include results from the SMART-1 and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter missions, along with new information on volcanism and tectonics of saturnian satellites gleaned from Cassini’s stunningly successful tour of the Saturn system.

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