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Another Successful LPSC

March 23, 2007

LPSC logoThe 38th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, held last week at the South Shore Harbour Resort and Conference Center in League City, Texas, was a resounding success. Nearly 1500 planetary scientists from all over the world gathered this year at the annual meeting, which once again lived up to its well-deserved reputation of the premiere gathering of planetary scientists in the world.

The resurgence of excitement and interest in lunar exploration, the wealth of information being returned daily from the current Mars missions, and the stunning images of the saturnian system all contributed to the variety of new research unveiled at the conference.

“LPSC is clearly the ‘must-attend’ meeting of the year,” said Dr. Walter Kiefer, staff scientist at the Lunar and Planetary Institute. “Not only is it the place to get caught up on all the research that’s been done over the last year, but it provides the best venue at which to have your work presented to the widest and most interested audience.”

A more in-depth article covering this year’s LPSC will be included in the upcoming May issue of the Lunar and Planetary Bulletin. Interested readers can subscribe to an e-mail notification list for new issues by filling out our electronic subscription form.


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