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Washington University and Shandong University Plan
Lunar Research Collaboration

September 7, 2006
Source: Washington University in St. Louis

MoonAmid a bevy of international space exploration missions to the Moon, the Washington University Department of Earth and Planetary Science in Arts & Sciences and ShanDong University at WeiHai (SDU at WH) in Mainland China have agreed to cooperate on scientific research and joint training of students in the two institutions.

The agreement comes less than a year away from the planned launch of Chang'E-1, the Chinese lunar probe project, in April, 2007. The goals of China's Chang'E-1 project are first to place a satellite into orbit around the Moon in 2007; then to land an unmanned vehicle on the Moon by 2010; and to collect samples of lunar soil with an unmanned vehicle by 2020. The spacecraft carries five instruments to image and measure different features of the Moon.

Image credit: Lunar and Planetary Institute

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