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November/December 2010 Scientific Staff Highlights Archive

Scientific Staff Highlights

LPI Scientist Receives National Honor

LPI staff scientist and Director Dr. Stephen Mackwell was named a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union, the largest and premier association of professionals in the geological sciences.

American Geophysical Union National Meeting

Scientists of the LPI had significant presence at the December 2010 national meeting of the American Geophysical Union.

Other attendees authoring presentations included Drs. Walter Kiefer, Patrick McGovern, Gerald Galgana, Paul Spudis, Qi Fu, Steven Clifford, Paul Schenk, Georgiane Kramer, Justin Filiberto, and Constantin Sandu.

LPI NLSI (Center for Lunar Science and Exploration Lunar) Team Meeting

The CLSE held a team meeting on November 12, with participants from the Houston area and others elsewhere by WebEx. CLSE director David Kring hosted the meeting, which included science presentations by A. Nahm, T. Ohman, O. Abramov, C. Mercer, J. Gross, A. Treiman, W. Kiefer, P. McGovern. D. Kring, and A. Wittmann.

Desert RATS Debriefing

Dr. David Kring co-hosted the mission debriefing meeting for the 2010 Fall Desert RATS simulation exercises, at the LPI in December.

Invited Presentations

Dr. Constantin Sandu, post-doctoral fellow, gave an invited presentation at Rice University: "Volatiles and the thermal evolution of planets: implication for the early magnetic field of Mars.”

LPI Science Staff Research Progress – Nov-Dec 2010

Moses, J. I., Visscher, C., Keane, T. C., & Sperier, A. (2010) On the abundance of non-cometary HCN on Jupiter. Faraday Discussions 211, 103–136.

Nahm, A. L., and Schultz, R. A.  (2010) Magnitude of global contraction on Mars from analysis of surface faults: Implications for Martian thermal history, Icarus 211, 389–400, doi:10.1016/j.icarus.2010.11.003.


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Scientific Staff Highlights Archive

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