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  • Competition Guidelines and Rules


    There is no Open Call for Artwork at this time. The 2012 Competition Artwork is currently on tour. Please check back for news about upcoming Online Competitions, or check the “Exhibitors” tab for information about hosting an exhibit.

    General Information

    Due Date

    Due dates for next year's competition will be posted at a later date.


    Artwork should address the theme:
    Next year's theme will be posted at a later date.


    Art from two artist age-group categories will be judged separately: ages 10–13 years and 14–18 years.  Individuals must be 10 to 18 years old (born on or after September 1, 1993). An artist younger than 10 years old may still enter the competition, but he/she will be judged along with children 10–13 years old.


    We welcome team entries, including those from our MissionX partners. Teams use the same process as a single artist, but a main point of contact must be indicated for the team, and each artist in the team still needs to include his/her contact information and submit his/her own parent or guardian signed agreement. 


    Multiple Entries by an Artist
    Artists are permitted to submit up to 3 entries total in the same or different art categories, but each item must be submitted separately with a complete set of entry information included.


    Submission is Electronic*
    Artists must submit all artwork electronically; even visual art must be entered as digital images (such as photographs) of the original artwork. A complete submission will have:

    1. An entry form that includes:

    1. Artwork, Team (if applicable) and Contact information
    2.  Artist’s Statement of Originality (400 words or less)

      The Artist’s Statement of Originality is a very important part of the submission, and thus the artist should try to write a good quality statement.  It is the artist’s chance to provide information to help judges to understand, appreciate, and evaluate his/her art.  The statement should include the motivation, storyline, and/or messages of the art. Artist should also indicate materials used, any assistance or teamwork involved, and credit to others for visual artwork, music, written information, video, performances, etc. incorporated into the submitted artwork with permission.


    4. Artwork (See additional information under artwork genres links below)

    2. Agreement submitted by a parent or guardian, or by the artist if he/she is 18 years old or older.

    The agreement is designed to protect the youth artists and the Competition Organizers (USRA) and to grant USRA permission to use the artist’s name, age, country of origin, Statement of Originality, and all or part of the artist’s artwork in print, television, internet or other media.Please review the agreement for complete information.


    Preview Agreement here.

    Please make sure that an artist’s name is NOT visible on the electronic version of the submitted art but IS clearly stated on the entry form. Details about how to submit each of these items is available at the “How to Enter” tab on the website.


    * If an electronic submission absolutely cannot be provided, please contact to determine whether it is still possible to enter the competition.


    Artwork can be disqualified for either:
    1) Falsification of any information on the forms submitted, including plagiarism or use of copyrighted material without permission or documentation of effort to obtain permission as per the rules for a given artwork category.
    2) Use of profanity, nudity not representing the human body in a positive way, substance abuse, or violent images.


    If an artwork is disqualified, an artist will not be eligible for any award, certificate of participation, or display of his/her artwork. The artist will receive a brief note regarding his/her disqualification.


    Art Genres Information

    Artists should select one of the links below for more information about the specific type of artwork that they wish to submit. If an artist is not sure to which art genre their artwork should be submitted, please contact


    Visual Art Literary ArtVideo ArtMusical Art



    You may contact us at