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    Awarded Artwork

    Visual Art — 2D, 3D, and Sequential Art
    Literary Art — Poetry, Short Stories & Essays
    Musical Art — Orchestral & Non-Orchestral Music
    Video Art — Live-Action Videos, Animations, & Slide Shows
    Criterion Recognition Recipients — List of artists who received Criterion Recognition


    The 2012 Humans in Space Youth Art Competition “Call for Artists” ran from March 9–November 18, 2012 and asked:


    How will humans use science and technology to explore space,
    and what mysteries will we uncover?


    2600 artists from 52 countries answered the call, and the artwork was evaluated by 190 judges (artists, educators, scientists, engineers, astronauts, and more) from 32 countries.


    The awarded artwork is touring in local displays and performances around the world.
    Anyone interested in hosting a large or small event, please see the “Exhibitors” tab.

    Exhibits & Partners

    Highlights Video — Display and Performance Events

    Play Bill — Competition partners, judges, and awarded participants.
    Displays & Performances — Exhibit Events List
    Event Photos & Videos  — Photos from Exhibits
    Visual Art Video Download — Video as used for Yuri’s Night 2014



    Artwork Evaluation & Awards Description

    Each artwork was examined by numerous judges, in multiple phases, and based on multiple criteria. (See Criteria listed at under the “Guidelines” tab and the “Art Genres Information” hotlinks).


    Overall Awards in an Art Category (1st, 2nd, & 3rd Overall)
    Acknowledged the highest overall scoring artworks for each age group in each main art category (music, literature, video, visual art). 1st Place Overall winners were awarded a trip to Cologne to attend the Performance of their artwork at the Humans in Space Symposium Opening Ceremony and Meet the Artist Event on July 8th, 2013.


    Awards in an Art Subcategory (1st, 2nd, 3rd Place & Honorable Mention)
    Acknowledged the highest overall scoring artworks for each age group in each art subcategory (orchestral or non-orchestral music; essays, poetry, or short stories in literature; live action, animation, or slide shows in video; 3D, sequential, 2D manga, 2D digital or 2D general visual art).


    Special Awards (Mission X, Space Explorers’ Technical Excellence, Spirit of Exploration Poetry)
    Selected by special judges associated with a partner project or a specific award sponsor.


    Criterion Recognition
    Provided to entries that demonstrated excellence in one of the 5 criteria used by the Youth Art Competition Judge Panel to evaluate artwork