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Credits: Global map(s) of Saturnian moon(S) [name of moon(s)] were produced by Dr. Paul Schenk (Lunar and Planetary Institute, Houston TX. Image data are from the Imaging Science Subsystem (ISS) on the Cassini orbiter (NASA, JPL).

The global map of Dione is in cylindrical map projection at 250 meters per pixel. The map extends from 90N to 90S latitute from 0 t0 360 W longituted (right to left).


Each map is available in two jpeg formats; plain map without borders, and annotated poster format with labels and suitable for large format printers. Each map is also available as hemispheric projections in poster format.

Global Mosiac

Annotated Global Map Poster

Annotated Global Map Poster

Hemispheric View Poster

Polar View Poster