Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) at the LPII


Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) at the LPI

Service is at the heart of the LPI’s mission. As we support and serve members of our diverse planetary science community, we want to assure you that we take seriously our responsibility to provide and promote an inclusive, open, safe, accessible, and respectful environment in which we can all work together to achieve our dreams in space exploration and research. To illustrate our commitment and build upon our culture of service, we are pleased to announce an initiative focusing on actions to promote Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) at the LPI, consistent with USRA’s commitment, and within our community.

The LPI currently is addressing IDEA issues by:

  • Listening to and learning from our community to identify and address biases, racism, and exclusionary practices; support underrepresented groups; and promote accessibility
  • Assessing our practices to remove barriers to inclusion at the LPI and throughout our professional sphere
  • Strengthening our own internal training in these areas, learning from our peers, and bringing in IDEA experts to expand our understanding through invited speakers, seminars, and discussions
  • Making changes to the USRA meeting portal to ensure that our use of your identity (e.g., names and personal gender pronouns) is inclusive, respectful, and consistent with our IDEA policy and best practices
  • Creating an independent advisory committee to examine our past practices and guide us to improve our support of the community going forward
  • Fostering new community workshops and discussions on IDEA topics (e.g., working closely with other NASA-sponsored working groups and scientific and technical professional societies) to promote best practices in inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in the planetary sciences

We invite you to refer back to this page often for periodic updates on actions we are taking at the LPI to improve our practices and culture to ensure inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility in our many internal and external activities. Please help us realize our IDEA goals by providing your feedback, suggestions, and ideas.

IDEA Advisory Committee  

USRA Meeting Portal Modifications

The meeting portal is a critical part of the LPI’s support of workshops, meetings, and conferences. Behind the scenes, we continuously look for ways to improve this flexible tool to meet the evolving needs of the planetary science and exploration community. To address the identity concerns brought to our attention this year and in the spirit of continuous improvement, we are pleased to share plans to modify this tool to follow best practices that support inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility. Although the changes we plan will be implemented over time, milestones and helpful information will be posted to this page as we continue to make progress. Please check back here often for updates and share your ideas and feedback.

Enhancements include:

  Updates to profile naming conventions to allow for free-form field inputs

  Updates to the anti-harassment agreement

  Opportunities to modify identity information in user profiles and include personal gender pronouns

  Improvements to features used by program committees and session chairs that support consistent use of profile information

  Opportunities to add phonetic spelling of names

  Updates to the look and feel of the user interface to improve accessibility and ease of use


We encourage you to log into the meeting portal to update your profile information.

Update Profile

IDEA at LPSC 2022 – Accomplishments

We acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of the LPI’s IDEA Advisory Committee whose recommendations affirmed many of our current best practices and inspired the implementation of new conference support elements.

Ensured Attendee Health and Safety

  Required vaccinations, masking, and distancing

  Provided clear communication regarding COVID-19 protocols through frequent emails, website information, and signage at the venue

  Eliminated several in-person elements to prevent over-crowding: in-person peripheral meetings, onsite registration, exhibitors, and a speaker ready room

  Provided extra masks and hand sanitizer

Continued Best Practices from Past Years and Implemented New Elements

  Developed an informative website that is easy to navigate and mobile responsive

  Designed the conference program to integrate virtual and in-person participation

  Designated a special session in the program focused on Advancing Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility in the Planetary Workforce

  Provided guidance for making presentations and posters accessible, including links to an Accessibility Checker and Color Oracle to support selection of colorblind-friendly colors

  Offered color-coded stickers with graphics (accommodating color blindness) to indicate physical contact comfort levels

  Created more space between poster board rows in the poster hall and larger poster row signage to support accessibility and health

  Created more space between chairs in the session halls for improved accessibility and health

  Marked designated spaces in all session rooms for those with mobility challenges

  Provided double-sided badges

  Labeled catering items for food allergies

  Provided event maps with elevator, walkway, parent’s room, and bathroom (including gender-neutral) locations clearly marked

  Included in the meeting portal profile an opportunity for attendees to identify accessibility needs

  Provided LPI contact information on the website to attendees needing accessibility and other accommodations

  Allocated conference hotel rooms for those with accessibility needs

  Provided live captioning for the plenary and special sessions

  For all Q&A sessions, provided the opportunity for all attendees to submit questions online

  Added a moderator to each session to provide dedicated support to online participants at each session

  Included opportunities for feedback about accessibility in the post-conference survey

  Ensured that the Wi-Fi capability enabled a smooth program implementation and an accessible conference experience



This list is just a start. Please let us know of any important additions!

Groups and Programs

This list is just a start. Please let us know of any important additions!

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