Meet the LEAG Executive Committee

Ben Greenhagen Chair Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Amy Fagan Emeritus Chair Western Carolina University
Samuel Lawrence   Johnson Space Center
Tim Glotch Science Chair Stony Brook University
Jacob Richardson Human Exploration Chair NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Jose Hurtado Technology Chair University of Texas, El Paso
Stephen Indyk Chair, Commercial Advisory Board Honeybee Robotics
Lauren Jozwiak LEAG Operations Chair Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory
Tabb Prissel Workforce Development Chair NASA Johnson Space Center
Kristen Bennett Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Chair United States Geological Survey
Alexander Hegedus Astrophysics Community Liaison University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Erica Jawin Member-at-large Smithsonian Institution
Sarah Valencia Member-at-large University of Maryland, College Park/NASA GSFC
Ex Officio:    
Jacob Bleacher   NASA HEOMD
Lisa Gaddis   Lunar and Planetary Institute
Sarah Noble   NASA SMD
Andrew Petro   NASA STMD

Apply for the LEAG Executive Committee  

LEAG Executive Committee positions are solicited approximately once per year. Open positions will be posted here when solicited and will be communicated to the community with deadlines for application submission.