Lunar Exploration Analysis Group (LEAG)

LEAG Analysis Reports

February 20, 2018
Interim Report of the Advancing Science of the Moon Specific Action Team

February 20, 2018
LEAG Next Steps on the Moon Specific Action Team (NEXT-SAT)

August 20, 2016
Strategic Knowledge Gaps - 2: The “Moon First” Human Exploration Scenario

September 28, 2015
European Response to the Volatile Specific Action Team report

January 5, 2015
Volatiles Specific Action Team

March 4, 2014
Lunar Exploration Analysis Group Resource Prospector Mission Special Action Team

September 7, 2012
Mapping the GAP-SAT to the Lunar Exploration Roadmap

March 9, 2012
Strategic Knowledge Gaps for the "Moon First" Human Exploration Scenario

February 25, 2012
Earth-Moon L2 Research Facility - LEAG SAT Report

June 2011
LEAG Robotic Campaign Analysis Letter

June 2011
LEAG Response to the Decadal Survey

December, 2010
Status of Lunar Regolith Simulants and Demand for Apollo Lunar Samples
Report from the Simulant Working Group of the Lunar Exploration Analysis Group
and Curation and Analysis Planning Team for Extraterrestrial Materials to the
Planetary Science Subcommittee of the NASA Advisory Council

September 1, 2010
CAPTEM-LEAG Analysis Document
Review of Sample Acquisition and Curation During Lunar Surface Activities

April 2010
Report of Analysis Results of the Exploration Specific Action Team

Delivered to ESMD

March 2010
Town Hall Meeting to Discuss Future Lunar Exploration Opportunities
March 3, 2010
41st Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

March 2009
Community Forum on Future Lunar Science Missions
March, 25, 2009
40th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference

July 2009
LEAG Science Scenarios for Human Exploration Specific Action Team (SSHESAT)
Phase 1 Report Narrative

LEAG SSHESAT Phase 1 Final
LEAG SSHESAT Alternative Evaluation

May 2009
LEAG Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera Targeting LROC-SAT Report
LEAG Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera Targeting LROC-SAT Spreadsheet
LEAG LPSC09 Community Forum - Future Lunar Missions Report

November 2006
LEAG Geological Science GEO-SAT Report
LEAG Geological Science GEO-SAT Spreadsheet

October 2006
LEAG Habitation HAB-SAT Report
LEAG Habitation HAB-SAT Spreadsheet

July 2006
LEAG Themes and Objectives Phasing TOP-SAT Report
LEAG Themes and Objectives Phasing TOP-SAT Spreadsheet

April 2006
LEAG-SAT Review of RLEP-2 Measurement Plans

July 2005
Rapid Response Report

LEAG Science Activities and Site Selection
Specific Action Team

March 2005
Robotic Lunar Exploration Program RLEP-2 Report

LEAG Special Action Team

April 2004
Astobiology Science Goals and Lunar Exploration

Bruce Jakowsky, Ariel Anbar
Jeffrey Taylor, Paul Lucey
NASA Astrobiology Institute White Paper

Lunar Recon Orbiter – Objectives/Requirements Definition Team




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