United States Locations


Arizona State University
The Ronald Greeley Center for Planetary Studies
School of Earth & Space Exploration
Box 871404
Arizona State University
Tempe, AZ 85287-1404
Director: David A. Williams
Data Manager: David M. Nelson 
Phone: 480-965-7029
Fax: 480-965-8960
E-mail: rpif@asu.edu

Brown University
Northeast Regional Planetary Data Center
Department of Geological Sciences
Brown University
Box 1846
Providence RI 02912-1846
Director: Peter H. Schultz
Phone: 401-863-3243
Fax: 401-863-3978

Cornell University
Spacecraft Planetary Imaging Facility
Cornell Center for Astrophysics and
Planetary Science
317 Space Sciences Building
Cornell University
Ithaca NY 14853-6801
Director: Alex Hayes
Data Manager: Zoe Learner Ponterio
Phone: 607-255-3833
Fax: 607-255-9002
E-mail: spif@astro.cornell.edu

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Regional Planetary Image Facility
Mail Stop 11-111
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4800 Oak Grove Drive
Pasadena CA 91109
Director: Robert Anderson
Data Manager: Jeff Schroeder
Phone: 818-354-3270
E-mail: jpl_rpif@jpl.nasa.gov

Lunar and Planetary Institute
Center for Information and Research Services
Lunar and Planetary Institute
3600 Bay Area Boulevard
Houston TX 77058-1113
Director: Julie Stopar
Data Manager: David Bigwood
Phone: 281-486-2182
E-mail: rpif@lpi.usra.edu

National Air and Space Museum
Center for Earth and Planetary Studies
National Air and Space Museum, MRC 315
PO Box 37012
Washington DC 20013-7012
Director: Thomas Watters
Data Manager: Rosemary Aiello
Phone: 202-633-2480
Fax: 202-786-2566
E-mail: AielloR@si.edu

U.S. Geological Survey-Flagstaff
Regional Planetary Information Facility
Branch of Astrogeology
United States Geological Survey
2255 North Gemini Drive
Flagstaff AZ 86001
Director: Justin Hagerty
Data Manager: Amy Zink
Phone: 928-556-7235
Fax: 928-556-7090
E-mail: azink@usgs.gov

University of Arizona
Space Imagery Center
Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
University of Arizona
1629 E. University Boulevard
Tucson AZ 85721-0092
Director: Shane Byrne
Data Manager: Maria Schuchardt
Phone: 520-621-4861
Fax: 520-621-4933
E-mail: sic@LPL.arizona.edu

University of Hawai'i at Manoa
Pacific Regional Planetary Data Center
Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology
School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology
2525 Correa Road
Honolulu HI 96822
Director: Dr. Peter J. Mouginis-Mark
Data Manager: Chris A. Peterson
Phone: 808-956-3131
Fax: 808-956-6322
E-mail: prpdc@higp.hawaii.edu


International Locations


INAF - IAPS Istituto Nazionale di A​s​t​r​o​f​i​s​i​c​a
Southern Europe Regional Planetary Image Facility,
SRPIF A. Coradini
ARTOV Area ricerca di Roma Tor Vergata
Via del Fosso de Cavaliere, 100
00133 Roma, Italia
Director: Alessandro Frigeri
Data Manager: Livia Giacomini
Phone: 39-6-49934052
Fax: 39-6-49934182
E-mail: l​i​v​i​a​.​g​i​a​c​o​m​i​n​i​@​i​f​s​i​-​r​o​m​a​.​i​n​a​f​.​i​t​

Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt e.V.
German Aerospace Center
Institute of Planetary Research
Regional Planetary Image Facility
Rutherfordstr. 2 12489 Berlin, Germany
Director: Ralf Jaumann
Data Manager: Susanne Pieth
Phone: 49-30-67055-333
Fax: 49-30-67055-372
E-mail: rpif@dlr.de

Institute of Space and Astronautical Sciences
Regional Planetary Image Facility
Institute of Space and Astronautical Sciences
Division of Planetary Science
3-1-1 Yoshinodai
Sagamihara-Shi, Kanagawa 229-8510, Japan
Director: Akio Fujimura
Data Manager: Satoshi Tanaka
Phone: 81-427-59-8198
Fax: 81-427-59-8516

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Department of Geography and Environmental Development
P.O. Box 653
Beer-Sheva 84105, Israel
Director: Dan Blumberg
Data Manager: Shira Amir
Phone: 972-8-647-7939
Fax: 972-8-647-2821
E-mail: blumberg@bgu.ac.il


University College London
Regional Planetary Image Facility
Department of Earth Sciences
University College London
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT, UK
Director: Jan-Peter Muller
Data Manager: Peter Grindrod
Phone: 44-20-7679-2134
Fax: 44-20-7679-7614
E-mail: p.grindrod@ucl.ac.uk

University of New Brunswick
Planetary and Space Science Centre
Department of Earth Sciences
University of New Brunswick
P.O. Box 4400
Fredericton NB, Canada, E3B 5A3
Director: John Spray
Data Manager: Beverley Elliott
Phone: 506-453-3560
Fax: 506-447-3004
E-mail: passc@unb.ca

Université de Paris-Sud
Phototheque Planetaire d'Orsay
Batîment 509
F-91405 Orsay, France
Director and Data Manager: Francois Costard
Phone: 33 (0) 1 69 15 49 10
E-mail: francois.costard@u-psud.fr