Pluto’s First Close-Up: What will be your #PlutoRXN (reaction)?


The New Horizons spacecraft will fly by Pluto and its moons July 13/14, 2015, capturing the first ever close-up images of the Pluto system. The first close-up image of Pluto will be released on July 15. What will the world think the first time we see this image? What will you think? We want to know. Simply tweet the first thought(s) that comes to your mind when you see this first, historic image of Pluto. Won’t see the images until after July 15? No problem! Tweet your thoughts the first time you do see the image, whether it’s July 15 or August 15. When you do tweet your first thought(s), use the hashtag #PlutoRXN. Watch the Twitterfall on the page and read what others are thinking. Be a part of history and let your thoughts on this exciting event be known for generations to come!