Share Your LPI Memories

During this anniversary year, we want to collect stories and memories from the planetary community including former LPI staff and alumni. We invite you to submit a post and if you’d like, add an image with caption.

We will continue to post these memories throughout our 50th anniversary celebration year. Please share your LPI memory with us!

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I was the first biologists at the LSI beginning in 1970. I organized the Space Biology Conference in 1971 and started writing my first book while there. Being at the LSI as a young scientist was a great experience and helped to advance my career.
John Weete, Retired

Photo 28

I have been associated with LPI since my high school.It has been a great source of motivation and inspiration for me to pursue Planetary Sciences.I was an LPI summer intern during my undergraduate study.I was working in the Astromaterials Research and Science Exploration office at Johnson Space Center.My project was to develop and test ways to extract meteoritic metals from lunar regolith. It was such an incredible experience which I would cherish forever and I am looking forward to be a part of LPI again in the future.
Jayashree Sridhar, University of California,Santa Cruz

Chuck Simonds in Bearthooth

I was the first post doc at the LSI hired by Joe Chamberlain in Septeber 1971. I worked largely with Jeff Warner and Bill Phinney of JSC on lunar samples and terrestrial meteorite craters and Louie Liou (later of Stanford) on and experimental sintering investigation of lunar breccias. Dave Strangway as interim directgor gave me a full time staff job at the end of my post doc. I left the Institute in 1978 to be manager of the Lunar Curatorial Lab for Northrop
Charles Simonds, none - long since retired


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