Utilizing principally electronic communications, HEDS-UP will provide the services listed below. These will be accessible through the HEDS-UP home page (HP), through electronic mail (EM) or by other means (O).

HEDS-UP Network (HP,EM)

Participation in the HEDS-UP network is open to any university, college, department, group or individual faculty member with interest in participating in the Human Exploration and Development of Space. Formal membership is easily established through electronic means. Membership responsibilities include an annual report on progress in the institution with respect to HEDS goals and objectives and contributions to the Universities Skills and Capabilities data base.

HEDS-Status (HP)

This service will provide current information and analysis on HEDS activities in the planning for Human Exploration and Development of Space. Information will focus on Exploration and Development activities that are intermediate to far term (intermediate = ~3-5 years; far = ~5-25 years). Information will be presented in such a manner as to facilitate understanding of the rationale for particular programmatic thrusts and to allow insight into the potential application of the knowledge which would be gained from the activity.

NASA Points of Contact (HP)

This will provide current information on NASA personnel who have technical or programmatic responsibilities for particular aspects of HEDS. These people will be knowledgable about the HEDS-UP program and may serve as contacts for technical and programmatic information.

University skills and capabilities (HP)

This will be a listing of university interests as a function of a HEDS Taxonomy which identifies major HEDS interests in terms of technical and programmatic areas. The university-related data base will be provided by the universities and will be searchable.

HEDS-UP participants (HP)

A listing of the universities participating in HEDS-UP and their collaborative activities.

HEDS-UP progress (HP)

Abstracts, links and contact information for university projects stimulated by the HEDS-UP program. Also, abstracts or summaries of NASA projects that are based on HEDS-UP contributions. This represents a clearing house function to which we hope all participants will contribute, as a means of communicating their work to the broader HEDS community.

HEDS-UP Listserver notification (EM)

An electronic communications mechanism which alerts members of the HEDS-UP community that new information is available and carries noteworthy news items.

HEDS-UP Conferences (O)

From time to time, HEDS-UP may support conferences, meetings, and workshops which are consistent with the goals and objectives of the HEDS-UP program.

HEDS-UP Interns and Fellows (O)

HEDS-UP will promote an Interns/Fellows program which will have the intent of increasing the interaction between NASA and the universities through the awarding of internships/fellowships which have the characteristic that work will be done jointly between the university and NASA, that experience gained by interns/fellows will be transferred into the university environment, and that linkages between faculty and NASA professional staff are strengthened.

HEDS-UP Reference Services (O)

HEDS-UP program office is available to provide information on the NASA/University programs and contacts to HEDS-UP participants.