Dr. Oleg Abramov

Dr. Oleg Abramov

Urey Fellow

My main research interest is impact cratering, or, more specifically, how large impact events and impact bombardments may have affected chemical, physical, and perhaps even biological evolution of terrestrial planets. To that end, I have modeled thermal evolution of impact craters, with a focus on impact-induced hydrothermal activity, at a number of terrestrial and martian craters, and developed a global thermal cratering model applicable to terrestrial planet crusts. I am currently interested in improving our understanding of the inner solar system bombardment history, using the Moon as a proxy, by applying a combination of computer modeling, laboratory work, and photogeological analyses. I model thermal, physical, and geochemical effects of a broad range of impactors on the lunar crust, and test model predictions using microprobe analyses of lunar minerals as well as photogeological observations. 

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October 4, 2010