Dr. Essam Heggy

Dr. Essam Heggy

Radar Science Group
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
4800 Oak Grove Drive, MS 300-227
Pasadena, California 91109, USA
Tel: + 1 818 812 8819
Fax: + 1 818 393 5231
E-mail: heggy@caltech.edu

My research work involves mapping and sounding subsurface hydrological and geological structures in a planetary arid context using radar imaging and probing techniques. I am mainly interested in two potential applications. The first is to study the potential of low-frequency orbital sounding and ground-penetrating radars for the exploration of possible martian subsurface hydrological features as local water lenses or aquifer systems. My studies include electromagnetic characterization of Martian-like materials, numerical simulations of wave propagation in geo-electrical models, GPR field surveys, and comparative planetology studies.

The second point of interest concerns earth applications of low-frequency radar remote sensing to study the paleo-enviroment of desertic regions.

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June 29, 2015