Dr. Motoo Ito

Dr. Motoo Ito

Visiting Scientist
E-mail: ito@lpi.usra.edu
JSC residence: Bldg 31, MC/KR, Room Number 128

My primary interests in geochemistry and cosmochemistry are the formation processes and evolutionary timescales of early solar system materials. I have approached these topics by investigating chemical and isotopical zoning patterns in meteoritic minerals and by constraining major and trace elements diffusion kinetics in silicate minerals. In these endeavors, I have become proficient at using various Secondary Ion Mass Spectroscopy (SIMS) instruments over the past 13 years, including IMS-3f, 6f, IMS-1270, and recently the JSC NanoSIMS 50L. I have helped to develop and refine new techniques for high-quality isotopic measurement on the micro-scale level, isotope mapping with high precision and depth profiling for diffusion studies.

For the past 3 years I have worked at NASA Johnson Space Center on a wide range of research topics, including: (1) timescales of formation of the first solar system solids (Ca, Al-rich Inclusions) (2) thermal and alteration histories of primitive meteorite parent bodies (3) determination of diffusion kinetic parameters (4) studies of cometary samples returned by the NASA Stardust mission.

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