Dr. Axel Wittman

Dr. Axel Wittmann

Visiting Scientist
E-mail: wittmann@lpi.usra.edu

My research concentrates on impact melts and impact breccias as recorders of hyper-velocity collision events on the terrestrial planets. In addition to recording physical boundary conditions for their formation processes such as pressures, temperatures and time scales, these rocks are also date markers for collisions and may contain the chemical fingerprints of impacting projectiles. This information can further resolve the collision history of the inner solar system, including a possible lunar cataclysm about 4 billion years ago. I study samples from terrestrial impact structures, e.g., Chicxulub, Chesapeake Bay, Rochechouart, the Ries and El’gygytgyn, and ordinary chondrite, HED, martian and lunar meteorites.

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April 21, 2015