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January 16–18
The Workshop on the Tectonic Evolution of Greenstone Belts is held at LPI. Convened by Maarten de Wit and Lew Ashwal, the purpose of the workshop is to increase understanding of the tectonic evolution of greenstone belts in order to better understand events geological events occurring during the first 80 million years of Earth history.


March 11
ESA's Giotto spacecraft flies within 596 km of the nucleus of Comet Halley, returning closeup images.



LPI publishes Origin of the Moon, edited by W. K. Hartmann, R. J. Phillips, and G. J. Taylor. The book is a collection of original research and review papers that provide a synthesis of models and theories about the formation of the Moon.


July 17–19

The MECA Symposium on Mars:  The Evolution of Its Climate and Atmosphere is held at the Hirshhorn Museum in Washington, DC. Convened by Ted Maxwell and Ron Greeley, and co-sponsored by the LPI and the National Air and Space Museum, the symposium is scheduled to coincide with the tenth anniversary of the Viking landing on Mars.


October 27
LPI is connected as an online mode to the NASA/SPAN network. SPAN is a wide-area network developed for the space and Earth science community that enables scientists at remote nodes to communicate with each other using electronic mail, terminal conference, and transparent file transfer and access.


December 16–18

The Workshop on the Origin of the Solar System is held at the Wye Conference Center near Queenstown, Maryland. Convened by Joe Nuth and Paul Sylvester, the objective of the workshop is to produce a document summarizing current thinking on the processes that occurred during the first eon of solar system history, providing the basis for a limited-scope interdisciplinary research project.



Nucleus of Comet Halley 1986 LPI InternsOrigin of the Moon 1986 Anniversary Honorees Janice Doherty, Kevin Burke, Bessie Bell, Fran Waranius, Helene Thorson, and Dory Brandt