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March 15

LPI hosts an organizational meeting to kick off its latest study project, Mars:  Evolution of Volcanism, Tectonism, and Volatiles (MEVTV).


April 23
Richard A. F. Grieve is the LPI’s first Urey Visiting Fellow, a new program of short-term senior appointments designed to provide a distinguished scientist with the opportunity to pursue research interests while providing beneficial interaction with LPI and JSC scientists.


Helene Thorson is appointed LPI Assistant Director.


July 13–16
The Workshop on the Growth of Continental Crust is held at the University of Oxford. The goal of the workshop, co-sponsored by the LPI as part of the Early Crustal Genesis Study Project, is to consider and discuss constraints on a fundamental unsolved problem relating to the growth rate of planetary crusts.


November 16–18

The Mars Sample Return Science Workshop is held at the Nassau Bay Hilton in Clear Lake. The purpose of the LPI-sponsored workshop is to contribute to the activities of the Mars Rover Sample Return Science Working Group (MRSRSWG).


LPI publishes the first issue of the Mercury Messenger newsletter. The co-editors of this publication, designed to provide a means for exchanging data and ideas and for planning collaborative activities regarding Mercury research, are Pamela Clark, Faith Vilas, and Tom Morgan.



The Clear Lake area suffers a tornado strike. Luckily, most of the damage at the LPI is limited to the grounds, but a number of trees are lost or damaged.