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January 9–23

The Field Workshop on the Deep Continental Crust of South India is held in Central and Southern India. Rupee funds for travel to and within India come from an NSF grant to LPI.


March 14–18
The Fifteenth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference is held at the Gilruth Center at JSC, with 739 in attendance.


April 5–7
The Second Symposium on Lunar Bases and Space Activities is held at the Westin Galleria Hotel in Houston. Attending the symposium are 555 representatives of the planetary science, engineering, medical, architectural, and other lunar-base-related research fields. LPI co-sponsors the meeting with JSC and AIAA.


The 50th issue of the Lunar and Planetary Information Bulletin is published.


August 15
David C. Black is appointed LPI Director.

October 20–22
Global Catastrophes in Earth History: Conference on Impacts, Volcanism, and Mass Mortality is held in Snowbird, Utah. Kevin Burke and Robert Ginsburg are co-chairs of the conference, which is attended by 184 scientists representing 10 different countries. The proceedings of the conference are to be published as a GSA Special Paper.


November 14–16
The LAPST-initiated Workshop on Moon in Transition: Apollo 14, KREEP, and Evolved Lunar Rocks is held at the LPI. Jeff Taylor and Paul Warren are the conveners.


December 1–3
The LPI topical conference on the Origin of the Earth is held in Berkeley, California. Convened by John Jones and Horton Newsom, plans are to publish a post-conference publication as a proceedings volume or special issue of a journal.