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January 16–18
LPI and NASA Ames Research Center co-sponsor a Workshop on the Analysis of Returned Comet Nucleus Samples in Milpitas, California. The workshop is convened by Sherwood Chang and Larry Nyquist.


February 12–15

LPI and NASA co-sponsor a workshop entitled Origins of the Solar Systems in Washington, DC. The goal of the worskhop, convened by Joe Nuth, is to determine the appropriate content and enclosures for the upcoming NASA Origins of the Solar Systems Research Announcement.


March 13–17

The Twentieth Lunar and Planetary Science Conference is held at the NASA Johnson Space Center, with 729 in attendance. Special events in honor of the 20th anniversary of the conference include a public session organized by NASA JSC and NASA Headquarters entitled “Opportunities in Solar System Exploration,” followed by a banquet at the South Shore Harbour Conference Center.


May 4
Magellan launches. The primary objectives of the mission are to map the surface of Venus with a synthetic aperture radar (SAR) and to determine the topographic relief of the planet.


June 8
An Ardent Titan graphics supercomputer is installed in the LPI Computer Center. The supercomputer will greatly expand the Institute’s capabilities for image processing, scientific visualization, and numerically intensive computing.


July 22
LPI holds an open house in conjunction with Space Week and the 20th anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing on the Moon. More than 1800 people visit the Institute and participate in scientific and image processing demonstrations.


August 27
LPI, JSC, and the University of Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL) co-sponsor “The Neptune Encounter,” the first in a series of public lectures held at UHCL. The lecture features the stunning photographs of Neptune and its moons recently returned by Voyager II.


October 10–11

The LAPST-initiated workshop on Lunar Volcanic Glasses:  Scientific and Resource Potential is held at LPI. The workshop is convened by John Delano and Grant Heiken.


October 18
Galileo launches onboard the space shuttle Atlantis. Twelve years in the development and planning stages, the goal of the mission, originally called the Jupiter Orbiter Probe, is a two-year study of the jovian system.