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February 4
Dr. Arch Reid is named Interim Director of the LPI.

June 4–6
A workshop on Mars Infrared Spectroscopy:  From Theory and the Laboratory to Field Observations is held at the LPI. The objective of the workshop is to produce a report with detailed recommendations of laboratory and field analog studies needed to best support interpretations of visible/infrared datasets in light of the goals of NASA’s Mars program.


August 2
Dr. David Black takes over as Interim Director of the LPI while USRA finalizes the search for a permanent director.


September 12–14
The Moon Beyond 2002: Next Steps in Lunar Science and Exploration is held in Taos, New Mexico. Recognizing the renaissance in lunar science over the past ten years, the purpose of the workshop is to focus the planetary science community on the key questions that now need to be addressed to advance lunar science and exploration, as well as what actions should be taken by the community to best answer these questions.


October 11–12
Unmixing the SNCs:  Chemical, Isotopic, and Petrologic Components of the Martian Meteorites is held at the LPI. Recognizing that martian meteorites, despite being all basalts or their derivatives, show an enormous range of chemical and isotopic compositions, the purpose of the workshop is to bring new and existing results on chemical and isotopic components of martian basalts to a single forum through formal presentations and extended discussions.


November 2
Dr. Stephen Mackwell is appointed Director of the LPI.