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Elisha Jhoti Elisha Jhoti, University of Edinburgh
Robotics Systems Technology Branch at JSC

Working at the Lunar and Planetary Institute this summer has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. Coming from the UK any opportunities to carry out planetary science research as an undergraduate are far and few between, so being given the chance to come to Houston to possibly the highest centre of excellence in the field was incredible. The insight that I gained this summer into the way NASA research is carried out has set me up to pursue my career goals of one day working there. Working one-on-one with a scientific advisor on an active planetary mission with real data has been an invaluable learning opportunity; there are very few internships that offer this kind of experience. My skills as a scientist have been vastly improved this summer with the help and advice of not only my supervisor but all those scientists at the LPI. As well as the research experience, the LPI internship allows you to get an inside look into NASA with the tours that are organised as part of the program. When I accepted my offer, I had no idea it would lead me to being able to shake hands with Robonaut or sit in the Lunar Electric Rover! The LPI really is a community that fosters discovery and scientific curiosity amongst interns.

Nathan Hadland, Florida Institute of Technology

Nathan Hadland, Florida Institute of Technology
Meteorite Lab at JSC

The LPI internship was one of the most profoundly impactful summers of my career. I learned a variety of new lab techniques in experimental work as well as developed skills in instrumentation and data analytics. The laboratory knowledge I gained will be hugely beneficial for me in the future. However, the most powerful aspect of the internship was learning how to operate as a full-time researcher and the skills required to pursue a scientific question. Creating a talk as well as writing an abstract developed these skills further. In addition, professional development seminars helped in this regard and they also assisted with answering questions I have had regarding the process of becoming a scientist, going to grad school, and ultimately being successful in my career. The LPI internship is a remarkable opportunity because of its prestige, its networking opportunities, its organized events and tours of JSC, and ultimately because it develops students into successful and remarkable scientists. 


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