Samantha Moruzzi

Samantha Moruzzi, Cornell University, Lunar Curatorial lab, NASA Johnson Space Center, June 3, 2019

The LPI intern program has been one of the most influential and inspiring experiences in my planetary science career. It was incredible to be able to conduct cutting edge research with scientists at the top of their field and to be presented with so many impactful networking opportunities. The experience of working with my advisor and gaining skills and advice from LPI scientists during our professional development seminars has been invaluable. This summer has been full of numerous learning opportunities to not only develop research and data analysis skills but also to grow as a curious, insightful, and successful planetary scientist. Other opportunities such as weekly science seminars, tours of JSC and participation in scientific outreach events opened new windows for me into the operations of NASA and planetary science. The LPI intern program fosters a sense of community among its interns and scientists, unlike many other internship programs, and provides experiences that helps guide students towards success in this field.



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