Black Point Lava Flow - Oblique Aerial Color Imagery

Oblique aerial photographs of the margins of the Black Point Lava Flow were taken by Mary Chapman of the USGS-Flagstaff in support of the October 2008 lunar simulation. The locations of the photographs around the margin of the lava flow are shown in the Digital Elevation Map at the top of the page. Color and black-and-white sets of images were generated. This portion of the atlas contains the color versions of the images, which are organized on the basis of their location below.  A Zoomify tool is provided for surveying each image. Please note that the Zoomify tool provided to survey the images is not color-calibrated with the original images.  In particular, the red part of the spectrum may be overly compressed.  Thus, for color-sensitive analyses, copies of the images should be downloaded by the user.  JPEG versions of the images can be downloaded from the Zoomify windows if they are needed for this type of off-line analysis.

Site Map of Photographs

Images 1521 - 1523

Images 1547 - 1552

Images 1553 - 1554

Images 1555 - 1566

Images 1609 - 1610

Images 1679 - 1682