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Educational Products

Slide Sets, downloadable images, and class room activities for K-12 students, community college students, university students, and the general public.

Educational Activities

Exploring the Solar System: Planets, Moons, Comets, Meteors
These subjects include comparisons of the planets and their characteristics.

EXPLORE!  To the Moon and Beyond with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
To the Moon and Beyond is a suite of hands-on inquiry based activities connected directly to a current and exciting NASA mission — The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) Mission — that will explore our Moon and gather data to help prepare the way for future lunar expeditions. Elementary to middle school children learn about the mission, explore the history of the Moon, investigate how features on the Moon formed, and assess the suitability of different lunar sites for future human habitation. To the Moon and Beyond was developed through a collaboration between the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s Department of Education and Public Outreach, the LRO Education and Public Outreach team and LRO scientists and engineers.

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Seeing the Moon: Using Light to Investigate the Moon
Much of our understanding of the materials on the surface of the Moon comes from wavelengths of light invisible to the human eye. Spectrometers aboard spacecraft sample these wavelengths and provide scientists with new information about the character and materials of the lunar surface.  In Seeing the Moon, middle school students experiment  with light and color through hands-on inquiry based activities. They collect and analyze authentic data from rock samples using the ALTA hand-held reflectance spectrometer, map the rock types of the Moon, and develop theories of the Moon’s history. Seeing the Moon is being developed through a collaboration between the Lunar and Planetary Institute’s Department of Education and Public Outreach and the Moon Mineralogy Mapper instrument education team.

SkyTellers: Moon Phases
Elementary to middle school children can explore how and why our Moon changes in the night sky through this collection of activities and suggested book and Web resources.

 Evolution of the Solar System Timeline
Explore the formation of our Moon and the rest of the solar system through this annotated 4.5 billion year long timeline.


Slide Sets

Clementine Explores the Moon, second edition
A selection of imagery and global data coverage obtained by the Clementine spacecraft. This is the second edition, revised in 1997. 35 images.

Apollo Landing Sites
Photographic coverage of the regional setting for the six Apollo landing sites. 40 images


Image of student working with the Alta Reflectance Spectrometer