Apollo 7 Mission

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Apollo 7 was the first manned mission in the Apollo program to be launched and was a test flight of the newly redesigned module.  During the eleven-day flight, the spacecraft was run through a number of tests, and systems operated as intended.  The mission lasted 163 orbits with the crew being the first to beam live telecasts from orbit, giving millions of people their first view of space.

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For nearly 11 days the Apollo 7 spacecraft was run through numerous tests, and systems operated as intended and expected.  This mission featured a number of firsts in spaceflight:  it carried the first U. S. three-man crew, it was the first flight of the Apollo space suits, it was the first flight with full crew support equipment onboard, and the first to broadcast live TV images during a manned space flight.

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The photographic objectives of Apollo 7 were to obtain earth images of terrain and weather phenomena and to relay the first live TV pictures from the spacecraft to the ground.