Apollo 7 Mission

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Mission Activities

Apollo 7 astronautThe primary mission objectives of Apollo 7 were to demonstrate the performance of the command module, service module and crew, demonstrate the crew, spacecraft and mission support facilities performance, and to demonstrate command and service module rendezvous capability.  These objectives were met.  Most detailed test objectives of various systems and equipment were also met, and an anomaly summary was compiled describing problem areas.  A major problem associated with the cabin and suit units the crew faced was condensation.  This problem occurred because the cold coolant lines from the radiator to the environment control unit and from the environment control unit to the inertial measurement unit were not insulated.  When there was excessive condensation on the coolant lines or in a puddle on the aft bulkhead after service propulsion system maneuvers, the crew vacuumed the water overboard.

Overall spacecraft systems operated as intended and expected.  Temperatures were within acceptable limits, consumable usage was maintained at safe levels, communications were generally good, manual control of the spacecraft by the crew was good, and live television was successfully transmitted to ground stations seven times during the mission.  Although the crew suffered from head colds and congestion during the mission, they performed satisfactorily and completed all photographic experiments.  During the almost 11-day flight, eight planned maneuvers using the service propulsion system were successfully completed, and all major mission objectives were met.