Lunar Sample 66035

MissionApollo 16
Back-scatter Set66035-14
Lithologyregolith breccia
Thin Section Typestandard thin section
Field of View7.00 mm
DescriptionBlack and white back-scatter electron image of 61221-149 whole section and Color false colour element image of 61221-149 whole section where colours denote qualitative concentration and distribution of Al (white), Mg (green), Si (blue), Fe (red), Ca (yellow), Ti (pink) and K (cyan)
CommentsData collected using the JSC FE-SEM instrument following method described in Joy et al. (2011) Please note the sample was not mapped completely (the FAN clast at top is incompletely mapped).
Element MapsAl, C, Ca, Cl, Cr, Fe, K, Mg, Mn, Na, Ni, O, P, S, Si, Ti, Au
SourceKatherine Joy / Kent Ross
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