The Mapping and Planetary Spatial Data Infrastructure (MAPSIT) Roadmap

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Executive Summary

Spatial data contribute to the success of endeavors at NASA if they are correctly acquired and accessible to all interested groups. We encourage the creation of initiatives to ensure that planetary spatial data are correctly obtained and processed and are discoverable and usable for a wide range of research and exploration purposes. We describe steps needed to work toward these goals. We also evaluate the needed expertise, tools and capabilities for development and delivery of planetary spatial data products. We suggest these efforts should be initiated by the planetary science community and coordinated by NASA and should focus on how to most effectively enable NASA science and exploration goals.

The MAPSIT Roadmap is intended to be a living document that will be updated and modified with time as more data become available, as further analyses by MAPSIT Specific Action Teams result in new findings, and as other developments occur.

Suggestions for revisions to the roadmap can be given to the MAPSIT Chair.