First Announcement — November 2006


Mars Exploration Program,
Lunar and Planetary Institute,
California Institute of Technology,
National Aeronautics and Space

Daniel McCleese,
   Chief Scientist,
   Jet Propulsion Laboratory

David Beaty,
   Mars Exploration Program,
   Jet Propulsion Laboratory


  The Seventh International Conference on Mars will be held at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech), July 9–13, 2007. At that time we will have completed an unparalleled ten years of concentrated exploration of the Red Planet. This period includes six missions (1996 Mars Global Surveyor, 1996 Mars Pathfinder, 2001 Mars Odyssey, 2003 Mars Exploration Rover, 2003 Mars Express, and 2005 Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter), as well as telescopic observations from Earth, studies of martian meteorites, and a variety of numerical and laboratory modeling activities. The conference will emphasize the synthesis of findings from these studies into new paradigms for Mars. As is the tradition of the International Conference on Mars, new data will also be emphasized.


Date:  July 9–13, 2007
Location:  Pasadena, California

A call for abstracts will be included in the second announcement in March 2007.


  The conference will be organized into morning and afternoon oral sessions configured around topical themes, along with supporting mid-day poster sessions of broader scope. Each oral session is envisioned to consist of a mixture of one or more invited summary papers to introduce the topic, a set of supporting contributed papers, and ample time for discussion. The poster sessions will have broader scope than the oral sessions, and papers of almost any relevancy to our understanding of Mars are solicited. The program committee will establish the details of the conference program on the basis of the abstract submittals. The identity of the theme areas for the oral sessions remains under consideration, and input from the community is welcome. In order to maximize the opportunities for the participants to interact around the posters, box lunches will be provided all five days of the conference. A conference banquet will be planned at the Caltech Athenaeum during the conference.

Scientists interested in any aspect of Mars should plan to attend. However, since the Second International Workshop on Exploring Mars and its Earth Analogues is being held just before the Seventh International Mars Conference, discussions on terrestrial analogs will be minimized.

An abstract volume on CD-ROM will be prepared in a format similar to that established by the LPSC meeting. Complete details for preparing and submitting your abstract electronically will be posted on the conference website, as well as details on hotels, registration, and social events.



  Students are encouraged to attend, and student travel support is available. Additional details will be available in the second announcement. We encourage both beginning graduate students, who are trying to decide whether or not to pursue thesis work related to Mars, as well as finishing graduate students who have results to share.




  More detailed information, including guidelines for abstract submission and opportunities for participation, will be included in the second announcement, which will be posted on this website in March 2007. To aid in planning purposes, we strongly urge you to submit an Indication of Intent form by March 1, 2007. The information on this form will not only provide invaluable information for the meeting organizers as they plan logistical strategies for the conference, but will also subscribe you to an e-mail notification list to receive updates and reminders relating to the meeting.





  For further information regarding format and scientific objectives, contact

    Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Phone: 818-354-7968

For further information regarding conference logistics and announcements, contact

    Lunar and Planetary Institute
    Phone: 281-486-2151


March 1, 2007 Deadline for indication of intent forms
Second announcement with call for abstracts
posted on this website
April 11, 2007 Deadline for electronic abstract submissions
May 24, 2007Final announcement with program and
abstracts posted on this website
June 8, 2007Deadline for preregistration at reduced rate
July 9–13, 2007Seventh International Conference on Mars

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