Special Pre-LPSC Education and Outreach Short Course

Helpful Hints on Running a Workshop for Teachers

Sunday, March 15, 1998 (the day before the start of the 29th LPSC)
Lunar and Planetary Institute
Sponsored by the LPI Broker/Facilitator Program for NASA's Office of Space Science


One of the more effective ways to improve science education in schools is to improve the scientific knowledge of teachers and provide them materials to use in their classes. Teachers are trained while they are in college, of course, but most teachers are working and they need to be reached through workshops on weekends or in the summer. This short course is designed to help planetary scientists offer such workshops.

Short course team

The one-day short course will be conducted by a team of scientist-educators who each have several years of experience in running workshops for teachers. They have made all the mistakes possible and have figured out what seems to work.

They are:
   Pam Thompson, Allan Treiman, and Robert Herrick, Lunar and Planetary Institute
   Jeff Taylor and Linda Martel, University of Hawai'i
   Marilyn Lindstrom and Jaclyn Allen, Johnson Space Center
   Cass Coombs, College of Charleston & South Carolina Space Grant Consortium

Key concepts to be covered

What you'll get if you attend

Cost: Nothing but your valuable time and the expenses of spending an extra day in Houston before the Lunar and Planetary Science Conference.

To express interest in attending this workshop, or for further information, contact Pam Thompson (phone: 281-486-2175; fax: 281-486-2125; e-mail: thompson@lpi.usra.edu) or submit an electronic indication of interest form. PI's, Co-I's, graduate students, and postdocs are all welcome to attend.