JPL Solar System Dynamics WWW Site

A. B. Chamberlin, D. K. Yeomans, P. W. Chodas, J. D. Giorgini, R. A. Jacobson, M. S. Keesey, J. H. Lieske, S. J. Ostro, E. M. Standish, R. N. Wimberly (JPL/Caltech)

The new JPL solar system dynamics WWW site is being made available to the public at ``http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/''. The site includes, but is not limited to, the following features:

tex2html_wrap_inline13 simple ephemeris generation for planets, satellites, asteroids and comets
tex2html_wrap_inline13 physical and orbital parameters for the planets and their satellites
tex2html_wrap_inline13 asteroid and comet observer tools for object identification and listing all objects observable from a given location
tex2html_wrap_inline13 Earth close-approaches by asteroids and comets (past and future)
tex2html_wrap_inline13 custom table generation of up-to-date asteroid and comet orbital elements
tex2html_wrap_inline13 radar astrometry data of asteroids and comets
tex2html_wrap_inline13 distribution graphs of the asteroids and comets within the inner solar system
tex2html_wrap_inline13 ecliptic-plane orbit plots of the inner and outer solar system
tex2html_wrap_inline13 searchable asteroid discovery circumstances
tex2html_wrap_inline13 description of great comets in history
tex2html_wrap_inline13 spacecraft in heliocentric orbits (list of names, launch dates, mission, and country of origin)

Data contained within this site will be updated regularly and new features will be added in the future (such as discovery circumstances for comets). The JPL solar system dynamics WWW site is designed to complement ``JPL's On-Line Solar System Data Service'' (J.D. Giorgini et al., BAAS 28:1158) known as the Horizons system which is available via telnet to host ssd.jpl.nasa.gov on port 6775.