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Monday, 10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.      Kresge Auditorium
E. Bowell and A. Cellino, Moderators

03.01Tholen D. J.       Whiteley R. J.
A Search for Aten Asteroids
03.02Viggh H. E. M.       Stokes G. H.       Shelly F. C.       Blythe M. S.       Stuart J. S.
Recent Results from the Lincoln Near Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) Project
03.03Nolan M. C.
Dynamical Evolution of Near-Earth Asteroids
03.04Morbidelli A.       Gladman B.       Migliorini F.       Zappalà V.       Michel P.       Cellino A.       Froeschle Ch.       Levison H. F.       Bailey M.       Duncan M.
Short Dynamical Lifetimes and the Importance of Sun-grazing in the Inner Solar System
03.05Gladman B.       Morbidelli A.
Look Out Below: From the Asteroid Belt to Meteorites
03.06Cellino A.       Gladman B. J.       Manley S. P.       Migliorini F.       Zappalà V.
The Production of Potential Terrestrial Planets Impactors in Family-forming Events in the Asteroid Main Belt
03.07Wiegert P.       Innanen K.       Mikkola S.
The Orbital Evolution of Near-Earth Asteroid 3753 (1986 TO)
03.08Chodas P. W.       Yeomans D. K.
Impact Warning Times for Earth Crossing Asteroids
03.09Schultz P. H.
When Worlds Collide
03.10-PHelin E. F.       Rabinowitz D. L.       Pravdo S. H.       Lawrence K. J.
Near-Earth Asteroid Tracking (NEAT): First Year Results
03.11-PLawrence K. J.       Helin E. F.       Rabinowitz D. L.       Pravdo S. H.
A Preliminary Look at Hungarias and Phocaeas Discovered by NEAT
03.12-PGoda M. P.       Hills J. G.
Effects of Elevation on Ground Impact of Small Asteroids

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