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SESSION 04.........MARS I
Monday, 10:45 a.m. - 12:05 p.m.      Stratton 202 ("Sala")
M. A. Gurwell and D. L. Blaney, Moderators

04.01James P. B.       Wolff M. J.       Lee S. W.       Clancy R. T.       Bell J. F. III      Martin L. J.
HST Observations of Early Spring Dust Storms in the North Polar Region of Mars
04.02Snook K. J.      McKay C. P.       Toon O. B.
Optical Properties of the Dust Suspended in the Mars Atmosphere -- Mariner 9 Infrared Interferometric Spectrometer Data Revisited
04.03Wolff M. J.      Clancy R. T.       James P. B.       Lee S. W.       Bell J. F. III
A New Look at Water Ice Clouds on Mars
04.04Tamppari L. K.      Paige D. A.       Zurek R. W.
A New Look at the Viking IRTM Cloud Signature
04.05Clancy R. T.       Sandor B. J.
The Oscillatory State of the Mars Climate:   1997 Microwave Observations
04.06Gurwell M. A.       Muhleman D. O.
Mars Atmospheric Temperature and Water Abundance During Northern Summer Solstice
04.07Blaney D. L.
Spectro-Cam 10 Observations of Mars at Low (R=100) and High (R=2000) Resolution During the 1997 Apparition
04.08Cooper C. D.       Mustard J. F.
Fine Particle Spectra of Palagonite and Smectite in the Mid-Infrared
04.09-PBarlow N. G.
Distribution of Crater Clusters on Mars
04.10-PCantor B. A.      Wolff M. J.      James P. B.      Higgs E.
Recession of Martian North Polar Cap:   1990 - 1997 Hubble Space Telescope Observations
04.11-PHerkenhoff K. E.      Fenton L. K.      Murray B. C.
Photoclinometry and Stereogrammetry of the Northern Martian Polar Layered Terrain
04.12-TBell J. F. III      Klassen D. R.      Moersch J. E.      Golisch W. F.      Griep D. M.      Kaminski C. D.      Martin P.      Dumas C.      Clark R. N.      Cloutis E. A.
High Spatial Resolution Near-IR Imaging Spectroscopy of Mars from the IRTF During 1996 - 97

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