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SESSION 06.........MARS II
Monday, 1:30 - 3:00 p.m.      Stratton 202 ("Sala")
F. Forget and P. B. James, Moderators

06.01Rodin A. V.       Clancy R. T.      Wilson R. J.      Richardson M.      Wolff M.      Woods S.
Impact of Mars Water Ice Clouds and Thermal Aerosol Enforcement to the Shortscale Climate Dynamics:   Evidence from 1-D Model
06.02Wilson R. J.       Richardson M. I.      Clancy R. T.      Rodin A. V.
Simulation of Aerosol and Water Vapor Transport with the GFDL Mars General Circulation Model
06.03Richardson M. I.       Wilson R. J.      Paige D. A.      Wood S. E.
Mars GCM Experiments:   Application to the Transport and Behaviour of Water
06.04Siili T.       Savijärvi H.      Murphy J. R.      Haberle R. M.
Mesoscale Circulations on the Southern Impact Basin Slopes During the Polar Cap Retreat
06.05Zuber M. T.       Smith D. E.
Seasonal Cycles and the Gravity Field of Mars
06.06Houben H.
Stability of Ground Ice on Mars
06.07Quinn R. C.       Zent A. P.
Diffusion of Photochemically Produced Hydrogen Peroxide in the Martian Regolith and Estimates of the Depth of Oxidized Strata on the Surface of Mars
06.08Wood S. E.       Paige D. A.      Smythe W. D.
Laboratory Simulation of CO2 Ice Condensation on Mars by Radiative Cooling
06.09Talagrand O.       Forget F.      Fournier R.      Hourdin C.      Hourdin F.      Collins M.      Lewis S. R.      Read P. L.      Huot J.-P.
A Climate Database for the Martian Atmosphere
06.10-PLutz B. L.      Dillingham T. R.      Cornelison D. M.      Ruppart W. R.      Tegler S. C.
Photochemical Processing of CO2 and CO2-Water Ices by X-Radiation
06.11-PPankine A. A.      Ingersoll A. P.
Low-Order Model of Martian General Circulation and Aperiodicity of Dust Storms
06.12-PPeitersen M. N.      Crown D. A.      Snyder Hale A.
Local Correlations Between Lava Flow Width Behavior and Underlying Slope
06.13-PBauregger F. N.      Tyler G. L.
Orbital Design Considerations for Multiple Spacecraft Engaged in Mutual Radio Occultations
06.14-PAhmad B.      Tyler G. L.
Progress in Understanding Horizontal Resolution of Radio Occultation Measurements
06.15-PAnderson J. R.      Limaye S. S.      Tyler G. L.
Atmospheric Science from Mutual Radio Occulations from Mars Orbiters
06.16-PBougher S. W.      Murphy J. R.      Haberle R. M.
An Aerobraking Strategy for Determining Mars Upper Atmospheric Structure
06.17-PPaige D. A.      Boynton W. V.      Crisp D.      Harri A. M.      Hansen C. J.      Keller H. U.      Leshin L. A.      May R. D.      Smith P. H.      Zurek R. W.
Mars Volatiles and Climate Surveyor Integrated Payload
06.18-PHarri A.-M.      Polkko J.      Siili T.      Crisp D.
Accurate Pressure Observations in the Martian Southern Polar Region:   MVACS/MET-P
06.19-PMartin T. Z.
Horizon Science Experiment for Mars Global Surveyor
06.20-PPearl J. C.      Christensen P. R.
Mars Global Surveyor Thermal Emission Spectrometer:   Observations of Earth
06.21-PSlade M. A.
Goldstone Radar Observations of the 1999 Mars Opposition and Other Observing Opportunities
06.22-PRobinson C. A.      El-Baz F.      Seto K. C.
The Role of the Image Processor in Planetary Instrument Definition

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