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Tuesday, 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 noon      Stratton 202 ("Sala")
A. E. Potter and A. L. Sprague, Moderators

13.01Pieters C. M.
Geologic Implications of the Low Albedo of South Pole-Aitken Basin
13.02Margot J. L.      Campbell D. B.      Jurgens R. F.      Slade M. A.      Stacy N. J.
High Resolution Topographic Maps of the Lunar South Pole
13.03Li L.      Mustard J. F.
Compositional Gradients Across Mare and Highlands Contacts:  The Importance and Geological Implication of Lateral Mixing
13.04Martin P. D.      Pinet P. C.      Chevrel S. D.      Daydou Y. H.
On the Highland Crust Diversity and Mare-Highland Transitions in the Mare Humorum Region of the Moon
13.05Simpson R. A.      Tyler G. L.
Reanalysis of Clementine Bistatic Radar Data
13.06Potter A. E.      Morgan T. H.
"Hot" Sodium on Mercury
13.07Madey T. E.      Yakshinskiy B. V.
Desorption of Na from Model Mineral Surfaces:  Relevance to Origins of Na in the Atmospheres of Mercury and the Moon
13.08Killen R. M.      Potter A. E.      Morgan T. H.
Velocity Structure in Mercury's Exosphere
13.09Reedy R. C.
Gamma Rays from Mercury Made by Solar Energetic Particles
13.10-PMorrill A. L.      Mendillo M.      Baumgardner J.
The Lunar Sodium Atmosphere:  A Study as Observed Through Four Lunar Eclipses
13.11-PFlynn B.
ORFEUS II FUV Spectrographic Observations of the Lunar Atmosphere
13.12-PSprague A.      Emery J.      Bigelow J.      Deutsch L.      Hora J.      Hoffmann B.      Dayal A.      Witteborn F.      Wooden D.      Colwell J.      Kozlowski R.      Ludwig B.
Application of a Rough-Surface Thermal Model to Observations of Mercury

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