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SESSION 17.........RINGS
Tuesday, 3:30 - 5:40 p.m.      Stratton 202 ("Sala")
R. G. French and L. J. Spilker, Moderators

17.01Nicholson P. D.
Saturn Ring Profiles from the August 1995 HST Data
17.02Throop H. B.      Esposito L. W.
G Ring Particle Sizes Derived from Ring Plane Crossing Observations
17.03Ferrari C.      Brahic A.      Charnoz S.      Thebault P.      Roddier F.
Azimuthal Distribution of Arcs and Clumps in the F Ring of Saturn During August 1995 Ring Plane Crossing
17.04Showalter M. R.
Dynamics of Clumps in Saturn's F Ring
17.05Rappaport N. J.
Ring-Ringlet Interactions in Saturn's C Ring
17.06Spilker L. J.      Showalter M. R.
Moonlet Wakes in Saturn's Cassini Division
17.07Burns J. A.      Gladman B. J.
Dynamically Cleared Regions Beyond Saturn's Rings for Cassini's Safe Passage
17.08Spitale J. N.      Porco C. C.
The Kinematics and Dynamics of the Huygens Ring from Combined Voyager and Ground-based Data
17.09Bosh A. S.      Olkin C. B.
Search for Inclined Features in Saturn's Rings
17.10Daubar I. J.      Ockert-Bell M. E.      Burns J. A.      Veverka J. F.      Thomas P.      Belton M.      Klaasen K.      Galileo Imaging Team
Galileo Saw Jupiter's Rings, Too
17.11Danielson G. E.      McMuldroch S.      Carlson R. W.      Ewald S. P.      Hui J.
The Jovian Ring as Seen by the Galileo NIMS at High Phase Angle
17.12Esposito L. W.      Colwell J. E.      Canup R. M.
History of Neptune's Ring Arcs
17.13Marouf E. A.
Diffraction by Crowded, Clustered, and Anisotropic Planetary Ring Models
17.14-PPoulet F.      Sicardy B.
Role of the F Ring During the Ring Plane Crossings in 199596
17.15-PDunn D. E.      Molnar L. A.      Fix J. D.
Multiwavelength Radio Observations of Saturn's Rings at Low Inclinations
17.16-PSickafoose A. A.      Bosh A. S.
Occultation of U138 by Uranus' Rings
17.17-PFrench R. G.      Danos R. J.      Glass I. S.      Hodgkin S.      McGhee C. A.      Sicardy B.      Stecklum B.
Multi-Station Observations of the 6 September 1996 Occultation of N72 by Neptune in the Vicinity of the Ring Arcs

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